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Disha Fashion Institute is basically an Usha sewing school which is a center where people can learn various sewing skills, be it construction of garments or making home décor items, or making fashion accessories or embellishing an existing garment.

Usha sewing school provides sewing skills that can be utilized for personal use at home, or for income generation through Making cloths, home décor and design oriented products for others, teaching learned sewing/tailoring/fashion designing skills to others, moving into different sewing occupations.

Get Guidance in starting your own business or get hired in different sewing jobs of Manufacturing Companies

Learn Sewing in Affordable Cost

Start Your Sewing Career

Start Your Own Business

Join Us as a Teacher In different Sewing Schools

How to Take Admission?

Follow the below steps

Fill in the Registration Form Below


Make the Payment.

Make the payment for the admission fee and the monthly course fee that you wish to join. Send the payment successful screenshot to email or WhatsApp +91 9748123949/+91 7439343055/+91 9836983938

Join the Class online or Visit physical class room at specified time

You will be contacted with the class schedule. Call +91 9748123949/+91 7439343055 to get the class schedule of your choice.

Course Fee
Demo Class: Rs. 100/-
Sewing and Designing
Admission Fee(Online): Rs. 200/-
Admission Fee(ClassRoom Training): Rs. 525/-
Sewing and Design(Online):Monthly Rs. 500/-

Sewing and Design(Class Room Training):Monthly Rs. 700/-
Hobby Course:
Admission Fee(Online): Rs. 200/-
Admission Fee(ClassRoom Training): Rs. 525/-
Hobby Course(Online):Monthly Rs. 500/-

Hobby Course(Class Room Training):Monthly Rs. 700/-
Dress Designing:
Admission Fee(Online): Rs. 700/-
Admission Fee(ClassRoom Training): Rs. 900/-
Dress Designing(Online):Monthly Rs. 800/-

Dress Designing(Class Room Training):Monthly Rs. 1000/-
Specialization in Blouse Designing:
Admission Fee(Online): Rs. 500/-
Admission Fee(ClassRoom Training): Rs. 1000/-
Specialization in Blouse Designing(Online):Monthly Rs. 800/-
Specialization in Blouse Designing(Class Room Training):Monthly Rs. 1200/-
Specialization in Kameez Designing:
Admission Fee(Online): Rs. 500/-
Admission Fee(ClassRoom Training): Rs. 1000/-
Specialization in Kameez Designing(Online):Monthly Rs. 800/-

Specialization in Kameez Designing(Class Room Training):Monthly Rs. 1200/-
Textile Designing:
Admission Fee(Online): Rs. 800/-
Admission Fee(ClassRoom Training): Rs. 1000/-

Testile Designing(Online):Monthly Rs. 600/-

Testile Designing(Class Room Training):Monthly Rs. 800/-
Creative Designing:
Admission Fee(Online): Rs. 700/-
Admission Fee(ClassRoom Training): Rs. 1000/-

Creative Designing(Online):Monthly Rs. 500/-

Creative Designing(Class Room Training):Monthly Rs. 700/-
Fashion Designing:
Admission Fee(Online): Rs. 1000/-
Admission Fee(ClassRoom Training): Rs. 2000/-

Fashion Designing(Online):Monthly Rs. 1200/-

Fashion Designing(Class Room Training):Monthly Rs. 1600/-
Draping Course:
Admission Fee(Online): Rs. 1000/-
Admission Fee(ClassRoom Training): Rs. 1200/-

(Online): Rs. 800/-Monthly(Class Room Training): Rs. 1000/-

Payment Link

e.g. +919748123949
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A Wealth Of the  Experience

A Wealth Of the Experience

We are in the sewing profession and training professionals since 25 years.
Innovation and Perfectionism

Innovation and Perfectionism

We make inspiration designs come alive through INNOVATION and PERFECTIONISM
Convenient Flexible Schedules

Convenient Flexible Schedules

Learn by staying at home at your convenient time
Be an Elegant Tailor

Be an Elegant Tailor

If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the Tailor - Albert Einstein