Why Should I Learn Tailoring

Find out the many benefits of tailoring course, starting from earning your livelihood to improve your mental wellbeing.
Benefits of tailoring
Benefits of tailoring
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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Learning Tailoring

Many of us especially girls have learned Sewing or Tailoring in very young age. If I talk about India, especially Bengal, stitching is one of the basic skills which used to be considered as a  "Must have Quality" of a woman when they reached the age of marriage. But it is not the case that only girls learn stitching and cutting clothes to make beautiful dresses. Most of the tailors in the country are male and for them stitching and dress making is not the "Must have Quality", rather they learn it for business purpose only.

On the contrary women used to learn this skill for domestic need. Having said that, nowadays the society is being changed for good and we can see many women who have become entrepreneur converting their domestic skill of stitching into professional skill. Let me discuss about the benefits of learning the skill, both for professional purpose and for individual well being. Let us start with the non-professional aspects at first then we will talk about the earning opportunities starting from getting a tailor job to become a Fashion blogger or opening your own e-commerce portal.

1. It is good for your well beingTailoring Classes in Kolkata

Believe me or not, sewing can do wonder to your mental health. Being a fashion designer and with the experience of more than 15 years in the Tailoring and dress making profession, I can tell you how it can make you feel good.

According to a survey made by BBC the giant media house of UK, even a small amount of creativity helps you cop up with the modern life and control your emotion. Sewing and dress making is one of such creativity which can act as a distracting tool to avoid stress. It gives us the mind space to reassess problems in our lives and make plans.

Doing hands-on with your fancy Sewing Machine reduces your stress level regardless of your skill level in that..

2. Innovation and self confidence

Dress Making boosts your self confidence. It is a means of self-development to face challenges by building up self-esteem and confidence.

I was literally surprised when a doctor contacted me to buy a Sewing Machine few years back. When I sold her a fancy Usha Allure Sewing Machine, I came to know that she used to do sewing everyday after returning home to reduce stress and boost her confidence level. Later I discovered there are many doctors, engineers, scientists who use Tailoring as a tool to nourish their creative mind. According to the above mentioned survey Tailoring increases your creativity and regulate the negative emotions.

Now lets talk business

3. You can get a Tailor Job

Tailor's job in IndiaAccording to a recent survey in India the average income in a tailor job in India with basic Tailoring skills is approximately 15,958/- INR per month. Among the big cities it is highest in Hyderabad Telengana with 18,888/- per month and lowest in Kolkata with 12,554/- per month.

Point to be noted that this is the income in a tailor or stitching job with very basic skills who are not quite expert in fancy designer clothes. With the skills of making designer blouse, designer Kameez and designer gowns the income can go up to 1,00,000/- INR for the dress designer with own boutique.

Tailor's Salary Distribution in India
Tailor's average monthly income in India based on location
Tailor's job in India
Gender Breakdown
Tailor's job in India
Dress Designer's monthly salary distribution in India
Tailor's job in India
Dress Designer's job density in India based on Location

become a dress designer4. Work with Disha Fashion Institute as a Tailor or Designer

In Disha Fashion Institute you not only learn stitching and cutting but also get unique opportunities to work with Disha as a tailor or designer after the completion of your course. The students who acquire very good Dress Designing skills can join our tailor's and designer's team. The best part of it is, this is a work from home tailor job. All of our tailors and designers stay at home and make the designs and dresses for us. They just need to come to the school once or twice in a month. We get orders from different parts of India and even Bangladesh. Our students make those beautiful dresses and become partner with us in this profitable business. Check the Disha Store for variety of designs created by our students. Presently we work on Designer Blouses, Kameez and Sarees.

5. Be a Teacher in any Tailoring or Dress Designing Institute

You can be a Sewing faculty member in any sewing school. Disha Fashion Institute provides the opportunity to become a faculty in the school itself after completion of the course and few months of training and practice. You can be a classroom trainer as well as online faculty. Online classes are now very popular after the Covid-19 outbreak. Being an online teacher is very beneficial in case you are looking for work from home option. You can earn few thousand bucks a month by working few hours every week staying at home. We understand that, many woman in our country don't have the opportunity to go out and work. Being an online teacher is an option for those woman.

6. Open your own Usha Sewing School

Let me tell you the story of Anandi from the Satlapur Village of Madhya Pradesh. The Class X pass school drop out has suddenly became a proud entrepreneur after being thrown into a serious financial trouble. Anandi's husband used to work as a labour in the real estate constructions. They were already struggling to provide food and basic education to their 3 children. After Anandi's Husband lost his job the family became penniless.

Anandi learned Tailoring before marriage from one of the Usha Silai School in the neighbouring village. She brought her gifted Sewing Machine from her parental home and started her journey as a tailor. She started earning 800/- to 900/- Rupees every day and soon she has started her own Sewing school. She has trained 35 more woman in her village and the neighbouring villages. Among these 35 woman, 5 of them again opened their own Usha Silai School. One of them was Anandi's own daughter who opened the school after her marriage. In this way there is a cluster of sewing schools and a networking has been built among the young and woman entrepreneurs. This success story is not only a story of a village in Madhyapradesh but also all over 29 states and union territories of India. Usha Silai Schools have trained almost a million women and still counting. The Silai school campaign has raised self-esteem of the marginalised women of India and liberated them from poverty, gave a new ray of hope.

Anandi is now a proud woman owning a 3 room House, 5 Sewing Machine among which 2 are Usha Janome Allure. She has a flat TV at her home and her youngest daughter is now going to a good school near by.

Tailoring schools in India
Usha Silai School

Usha Silai School seems to be the old fashion way of empowering woman. But this is now being popular in urban middle class as well, those who are living in the center of the city like Kolkata. This is for the good of the society. Though we are in the era of feminism, 'beti bachao, beti padhao' but the study says that even in metro cities only 15 to 20 percent adult woman are economically independent. The rest are still dependent on their husbands or parents. I do believe, for the growth of the society, well being of the society, growth of the socio-economic status of the country, all woman needs to be independent economically. As the famous dialogue of bollywood movie ' Padman' says ' Mother strong, Syster strong, to Country Strong'.

Let us take a moment to feel proud and clap for Anandi and all those marginalised woman who has made their way towards economic freedom against all the odds.

7. Start your e-commerce Business

Ecommerce Garment Stores
Ecommerce Garment Stores

In Disha Fashion Institute you get a unique opportunity to use the Disha Online e-commerce portal to promote and sell the products you are designing completely free of cost. We have many students who creates designer blouse, Kameez, gowns and sell them in the Disha portal. Not only that, those who have potential for running a business and niche in the area we create complete e-commerce website for them within a very cheap rate. We want you to become self dependent and we try our level best for you if you are interested to do something, to be something in life.

With the booming entertainment industry in India and mixture of western and Indian culture, the Indian Fashion Industry is now at its peak. Though Covid has hit us badly in 2020, but the never ending human desire to look good, better and best, the Fashion world and Make up artistry will keep on growing as never before. This is the right time for us to come forward and give wings to our dreams. Boys need not be dissapointed as we help both our male and female students.

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