Types of Neck Designs

Explore elegance with our guide on 16 types of neck designs. From classic Crew Neck to trendy Key-hole, discover the perfect style for your body shape.
Types of Neck Designs
Types of Neck Designs
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16 Types of Neck Designs That Can Transform Your Look

You become very conscious about your appearance when you choose a dress for events like weddings or parties. In this case, the neck design is the unsung hero that frames your face and décolletage. A well-chosen neck design can accentuate your positive features, draw attention to the collarbone or shoulders, and even balance out proportions. It can even make your simple outfit look gorgeous. On the contrary, a poorly selected neck design can obscure the intended silhouette, distract from the outfit's focal points, and, in some cases, create a visual imbalance that detracts from the overall elegance.

That’s why you should have proper knowledge about types of neck designs and know which neck designs best suit you. In this blog post, we embark on a journey through the intricate world of neck designs, exploring their significance, the art behind choosing the right one, and why this small detail holds immense power in the grand tapestry of garment design.

#1 Crew Neck Design

Crew neck design is best for everyone, but people with an apple-shaped, short neck should avoid this as it may cut the length of your body.

Crew Neck Design
Crew Neck Design

Why: It is a round neck with a high neck design, so its shape stays around your neck. If it sits at the base of the neck, it is called Jewel Neck. Crew or jewel neck is widespread in tees and sweatshirts, especially in men’s wardrobes.

#2 Round Neck Design

This type of neck design is best for almost all body types (Neck depth should be adjusted according to the body size shapes which will allure your look)

Round Neck Design
Round Neck Design

Why: Round neck designs are versatile and fit into every body shape and every occasion (formal and casual events). They work well on those with smaller breasts and can give a balanced look. However, it is suggested that people with round or broad faces should avoid wearing round necks because it may create an illusion of a short neck, ultimately resulting in the wearer's bulgy figure. 

Remember, which neck design is mainly used on t-shirts (men and women)? Off course. Round neck design. Now, you know the “why?”

#3 Scoop Neck Design

These types of neck designs are best for hourglass and pear-shaped figures, though all other shapes also fit well into this design.

Scoop Neck Design
Scoop Neck Design

Why: Scoop neck designs, a variation of round neck design with deep and wide neck depth, highlight the collarbone and elongate the neck, adding a touch of femininity. They can balance out the proportions of an hourglass figure, which can also balance apple and pear-shaped bodies. It draws attention away from a wider lower body to upwards of the body.

#4 Boat Neck Design

This neck design is best for different types of body shapes, from hourglass to pear-shaped and rectangular.

Boat Neck Design
Boat Neck Design

Why: This shape of neck design, which is broad, high and slightly curved and falls on the shoulder, resembles the shape of a boat, so it is called a Boat neck design. It is also known as the Sabrina neck design. Boat neck designs broaden the shoulders and can add curves to a rectangular figure. It is a good choice for every body shape but an especially favourable design for those with tiny busts and pear-shaped bodies because it can create an illusion of fuller busts. They also showcase the collarbone elegantly, providing a touch of sophistication.

#5 V-shaped Neck Design

V-shape types of neck designs are best for hourglass, Pear-shaped and apple-shaped body types. If you are a petite one, a V-neck is made for you.

Curved V Shape Neck Design
Curved V Shape Neck Design

Why: V-necks draw attention upward (particularly the area around your neck), elongating the neck and creating a slimming effect. The same illusion is helpful for petite or short figures. That is, you look taller. This neck design can also supplement a fuller bust while neutralizing wider hips.

#6 Surplice Neck Design

Surplice types of neck designs are best for hourglass, pear, and apple-shaped body types.

Surplice Neck Line
Surplice Neck Line

Why: It's a bit like a V-neck, but the way it's made is not the same as V Neck. Dresses or tops that wrap around like an Angrakha and are tied or cinched at the waist have this surplice neck design. Imagine the diagonal parts of the fabric in the front of the wrap dress crossing over to create this kind of neck design. It's great for people with a fuller bust and curvy shape because it can make you look like you have an hourglass figure.

#7 Square Neck Design

Square neck designs are best for apple-shaped, pear-shaped, and hourglass figures.

Square Neck Design
Square Neck Design

Why: Square neck designs emphasize the shoulders, especially the collarbone, and add structure to the upper body. They help create a flattering silhouette by drawing attention away from wider hips to the neck area, creating an illusion of a longer neck. So, women with narrow shoulders can preferably wear dresses with square neck designs.

#8 Glass-Shaped Neck Design

These types of neck designs are best for apple-shaped, pear-shaped, and hourglass figures.

Glass Shaped Neck Design
Glass Shaped Neck Design

Why: It is a slight variation of the square neck design, which becomes narrower when it goes towards the bottom end of the neck design, but it also emphasizes the shoulders, especially the collarbone, and adds structure to the upper body, creating an illusion of a long neck.

#9 Sweetheart Neck Design

Sweetheart neck designs are best for hourglass and apple-shaped figures or figures with fuller busts.


Sweet Heart Neck Design
Sweet Heart Neck Design

Why: This is a variation of a square neck that narrows down in a “V” shape and creates a downward point that points towards the heart. That’s why it is called Sweetheart Neck. These neck designs are best suited to fuller busts, as they support and enhance the décolletage. They also work well for balancing out an apple-shaped body. There is another variation of the sweetheart neck with a slightly high collar in the back part of this neck design, which is usually a round one, called the Queen Anne neck design.

#10 Off-the-Shoulder Neck Design

These types of neck designs are best for hourglass and inverted triangle figures, which have fuller busts.

Off the Shoulder Neck Design
Off-the-Shoulder Neck Design

Why: Off-the-shoulder styles draw attention to your shoulders and collarbones. It can create a balanced look for those with an inverted triangle body shape. It has a touch of romance and a flirty appearance. So, if you are choosing a dress for a romantic date, you can choose this.

#11 Halter Neck Design

These types of neck designs are best for athletic and hourglass figures.

Halter Neck Design
Halter Neck Design

Why: In the case of a halter neck design, two strips are joined on each shoulder and tied behind the neck. It looks like a neck noose and is known as a halter neck. This style of neck design is a good choice for summer. It helps to show off your arms and shoulders. It can also add a feminine touch to athletic figures by accentuating your curves and creating an illusion of fuller busts.

#12 Key-hole Neck Design

These types of neck designs are best for every body shape.

Key Hole Neck Design
Key Hole Neck Design

Why: This neck is almost similar to a halter neck. However, converging diagonal lines come forward to make a hole that falls below the collarbone and makes the shape of a keyhole, thus, this name. This style is trendy in boho styles. You can find these sleeves in many formal blouses, too. It is a good choice for everyone, especially for narrow shoulders and wide hips, as it draws attention to the area below your collarbone.

#13 Jewel Neck Design

A jewel neck refers to a rounded neckline that sits at the base of the throat, with a simple, elegant style that is often used in both casual and formal dresses. It is characterized by its timeless and classic look, making it a popular choice for various occasions. The term "jewel neck" is commonly used in the fashion industry to describe this specific neckline style, and it can be found in various dress designs, including formal gowns, casual dresses, and knitwear.

This neck design is called 'jewel' because the neckline of the dress lies where you would wear your necklace, i.e., the jewellery.

#14 Strapless Neck Design

These types of neck designs are best for hourglass, inverted, triangular-shaped, rectangular figures.

Strapless Neck Design
Strapless Neck Design

Why: This is best for spring and summer as it features a bare neck, shoulders, and arms. If you want to show off your skin and have a bold appearance, go for it. As it offers minimal bust support, it may be more flattering on those with smaller busts.

#15 Turtle Neck Design

Everyone can wear these types of neck designs.

Turtle Neck Design
Turtle Neck Design

Why: The Turtle neck is a perfect neck design for everyone in winter that keeps you warm, stylish, and elegant simultaneously. Its shape stretching high up the neck end ending just below the chin creates an illusion of a long neck. So, people with short necks, short height, or curvy to round figures benefit from its elongated look.

#16 Cowl Neck Design

These types of neck designs are best for hourglass, rectangle, and pear-shaped bodies.

Cowl Neck Design
Cowl Neck Design

Why: It is characterized by its draped and folded fabric, creating a soft, elegant fold around the neck. It is a versatile and chic choice with a touch of glamour. This kind of neck design usually accompanies sleeveless sheath dresses. It is a good choice if you want to show off your skin but in a chic manner. This goes for casual and formal events and flatters more on those with hourglass, rectangle, or pear-shaped figures.

A Little Guidance While Choosing Your Neck Design

You should know that, as no two bodies are the same, the ideal neck design for one person may not be the best choice for another. Choosing the perfect neck design involves considering various body factors, including body type, facial features, and personal preferences. Even the events or purposes for which you choose the neck design play a crucial role.

For example, a round neck design suits everyone's body type and every occasion. The V-neck design would be a good choice for pear-shaped, apple-shaped women because it can create an illusion around your neck and breast area as if it is a long neck, ultimately providing an elongated appearance.

The sweetheart neck design is also a perfect option for apple, pear, and hourglass figures, which give a more feminine appearance. Almost every neck design is good for you if you are an hourglass.

If your body is inverted triangular-shaped, you can opt for those neck designs that enhance your broader neck design. For example, an Off-the-shoulder neck design can be a great choice. A deep boat neck with a broader shoulder can also play great.

These are only a few examples. Let's know other neck designs that will ensure every individual can harness the power of this often-underestimated design element to radiate confidence and style.


Picking the right neck design is like finding the perfect frame for a picture. It makes you look good and adds style to your outfit. We've explored different neck designs, and it's clear that this small detail matters a lot in how clothes look.

From Crew Neck to Sweetheart Neck, each design tells a story. It's not just about what's popular; it's about knowing your body and what makes you special. A good neck design can make your features stand out and create a nice balance.

Remember, the important thing is to know yourself – your body, face, and what you like. It's not about following rules but celebrating you. Whether it's Off-the-Shoulder or Jewel Neck, there's a design for everyone.

So, as you go on your fashion journey with these 16 neck designs, be confident. Choose what feels right, wear it proudly, and let your style show who you are. Fashion isn't just about clothes; it's about embracing what makes you unique. Cheers to neck designs and the endless ways they can spice up your wardrobe!

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