Tailoring Certificate Course

Looking to start a career in tailoring? Disha Fashion Institute offers tailoring certificate courses to help you get started in your tailoring career.
Tailoring Certificate Courses
Tailoring Certificate Courses

Tailoring Certificate Course - Vocational Training in Tailoring and Fashion Designing

Embark on your tailoring journey with flair! Dive into the exciting world of stitching and fashion at Disha Fashion Institute, your go-to hub for tailoring excellence. We make it easy for you to kickstart your career by guiding you through the process of earning a coveted tailoring certificate. Explore a range of certified tailoring courses tailored just for you, and brace yourself for incredible opportunities with placement assistance awaiting you at the end of each course. Let your stitching dreams take flight with the Disha Fashion Institute.

List of Tailoring Certificate Courses Offered by Disha Fashion Institute

Disha Fashion Institute offers a variety of tailoring certificate courses to help you get started in the fashion industry. We offer courses on everything from pattern making to garment construction, and our experienced instructors will help you every step of the way. Whether you want to start your own tailoring business or learn more about the industry, we have a course for you. Check out our list of tailoring certificate courses below and find the perfect one for you.

Basic Tailoring Course

Unlock the art of stitching with our Basic Tailoring Course – a comprehensive 6-month program in sewing mastery! Whether you're a novice eager to delve into the world of tailoring or someone looking to refine your skills, this Silai Training Certificate Course is tailor-made for you. Dive into the intricacies of various fabrics, master the art of measuring for the perfect fit, and grasp the fundamentals of sewing. Click on the image below to explore the complete syllabus and kickstart your journey towards becoming a skilled tailor!

Advanced Tailoring Course

Elevate your tailoring expertise with our advanced Tailoring Certificate Course, designed to take your skills to new heights! Unleash your creativity as you delve into the intricacies of creating custom patterns, mastering the art of altering existing ones, and constructing garments using advanced techniques. This course offers a comprehensive syllabus covering designer blouses, Kurtis, bottom wear, gowns, and skirts, ideal for those aspiring to enhance their tailoring prowess or craft bespoke clothing. Achieve mastery in the art of dress designing with our 9-month advanced-level course. Click on the image below to explore the full syllabus and embark on a journey of sartorial excellence. The course is also popularly known as the Dress Designing Course.

Blouse Designing Course

Calling all the fabulous ladies who are ready to elevate their tailoring game! Our Tailoring Certificate Course is specially crafted for you, focusing on taking your skills to the next level with a spotlight on designing stunning blouses. Dive into the world of advanced blouse designing with our user-friendly course, where we guide you through the entire process – from selecting the perfect fabrics to crafting the flawless pattern. With a collection of 50+ designer blouse patterns, you'll effortlessly master the art and be able to create your own stylish pieces after completing the course. Click on the image below to unveil the complete syllabus and start your journey towards creating beautiful, customized blouses!

Kurti Designing Course

Master the art of Kurti designing in just minutes with our exclusive Kurti Designing Course! This tailoring certificate course is your gateway to advanced Kurti designing, covering everything from selecting the perfect fabrics to exploring various Kurti styles. Dive into the world of stitching techniques and learn how to add embellishments that elevate your Kurtis to a new level of style. By the course's end, you'll confidently design Kurtis that seamlessly blends fashion and comfort. The syllabus boasts an impressive array of 50+ designer and stylish Kurti patterns. Click on the image below to uncover the full syllabus and start creating Kurtis that are as unique as you are!

Fashion Designing Certificate Course

So you want to be a fashion designer? Or maybe you're already working in the industry and looking to improve your skills. Either way, a certificate course in fashion design is a great way to improve your chances of success.

Fashion Design course

List of Tailoring Certificates Course Fee Structure

Course Tailoring CertificateAdmission FeeMonthly FeeExamination FeeDurationSyllabus(Links)
Basic Tailoring Course Sewing and Designing 550/- 700/- 2000/- 6 months Basic Tailoring Course
Advanced Tailoring Training Dress Designing 900/- 1000/- 2000/- 9 months Advanced Tailoring Course
Blouse Designing Course Specialisation in Blouse Designing 1000/- 1200/- 2000/- 4 months Blouse Designing Course
Kurti Designing Course Specialization in Kurti Designing 1000/- 1200/- 2000/- 4 months Kurti Designing Course
Textile Designing Course Textile Designing Course 1000/- 1000/- 2000/- 6 months Textile Designing Course
Fashion Designing Course Fashion Design Certificate Course 2000/-

1000/-(1st sem)

1600/-(2nd sem)


1 year Fashion Design Certificate Course

Job Opportunities at the End of the Tailoring Certificate Course

Step into the world of tailored success with our tailoring certificate courses, each meticulously designed to offer students a learning experience aligned with industry demands. Our curriculum emphasizes teamwork, providing hands-on training through practical and simulation-based exercises.

As part of our commitment to your success, we actively connect our students with renowned fashion houses by sharing their resumes. Dive into our placement portal, consistently refreshed with exciting job opportunities, and stay updated through our dynamic Facebook page, where we regularly post new career prospects. Your journey toward a thriving career in tailoring starts with us!

How to Apply Tailoring Certificate?

Securing your Tailoring Certificate is a breeze! Upon completing any of our tailoring courses, you can opt for an examination to showcase your skills. The choice is yours – take the exam online from the comfort of your home or visit our Lake-town branch in Kolkata for an offline experience. The examination comprises two parts: a practical and a theory test. The theory test includes mostly multiple-choice questions with a sprinkle of essay-type queries. For the practical exam, showcase your prowess by crafting a dress from start to finish within a set time frame. Successfully clear both exams and voila! You'll be the proud holder of our prestigious tailoring certificate. Remember that examination costs may vary for different tailoring certificate courses, so visit the specific syllabus page for detailed information on all associated costs.

How to Open Your Sewing School?

Embark on the exciting journey of starting your tailoring school or stitching learning center! Imagine turning your passion for tailoring into a rewarding opportunity to empower others with essential skills for success.

At Disha Fashion Institute, numerous students have successfully opened their own stitching training centers after completing our courses. Now, we're ready to guide you through the entire process, covering everything from selecting the ideal location to curating the perfect curriculum. Let us walk you through the steps of establishing your tailoring school, and we'll even share valuable tips on effective marketing strategies to spread the word about your new venture.

Seize the opportunity to share your love for tailoring and make a lasting impact on the lives of aspiring learners. Let's turn your dream of running a tailoring school into a reality together!

Is Disha Fashion Institute a Lady's Tailor Training Centre?

Disha Fashion Institute invites ladies and gents to the sewing training center. There are woman-only batches, as well as co-ed batches, are conducted.

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