Saree Shapewear vs Petticoat

Get ready for a fashion makeover with saree shapewear! Discover the differences between saree shapewear and petticoats with our comprehensive guide.
Saree Shapewear
Saree Shapewear
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Unlock a New Look with Saree Shapewear: A Complete Guide

Are you thinking about what to wear under the saree instead of petticoat? Does shapewear really work? Is saree shapewear comfortable? You are in the right place to discover.

Saree Shapewear
Saree Shapewear

We all know that sarees are the most popular dress in India. The saree is our national dress as well. You can wear a saree either at home or outside. Whether you wear a saree for any function or party, you want to look elegant and classy to be confident and comfortable. Sometimes, you don’t look confident because your body needs some adjustment in the saree. In that case, you should use saree shapewear. This is different from traditional petticoats. Let us explore saree shapewear in this blog post. We will also show how you can easily make a saree shapewear at home.

What is Saree Shapewear?

Indian women are proud of their culture. One way they express this is by wearing the traditional saree. This garment is a classy option that can be worn in many gatherings, and it flaunts your figure. However, your confidence can be spoilt by bulges that show up on the body. Shapewear is a clothing item that can help you avoid such bulges. You have specially built shapewear for saree, which is called saree shapewear. A saree shapewear is a garment that is worn underneath the saree. It can help you get an elegant body shape. In this article, we shall talk about what saree shapewear is and how you can use it.

Saree Shapewear Lyra
Saree Shapewear Lyra

Making the Switch: Replacing Traditional Petticoats with Saree Shapewear

Saree Shapewear is now trending among Indian girls, especially those who want to wear saree at parties, wedding ceremonies, and other special occasions. Though saree shapewear is a new fashion in India for many girls, we have observed that many girls are skeptical about it. They do not know how to wear the saree shapewear or are not confident about wearing it. Especially because it does not have the tape or flat string (nara) like a traditional petticoat, the tape holds the saree well. But the saree shapewear has elastic instead of tape. So, the common belief is that the saree shapewear will not be able to hold the saree properly. If the draping of the saree comes out suddenly, it can cause a lot of embarrassment. Apart from this, there are many frequently asked questions from our readers on saree shapewear. We have experimented with saree shapewear from different companies like Zivame, Clovia, Lyra, and Twin Birds. All of these brands produce great quality saree shapewear. So, now we are in a position to answer all of your questions.

FAQ on Saree Shapewear vs Petticoat

Question 1: Is saree shapewear capable of holding the saree in place like a traditional petticoat?

Answer: As explained in the above paragraph, it is quite perfect to hold the saree without any fear of the draping coming out suddenly.

Question 2: Is Saree Shapewear comfortable?

Answer: Yes. It is quite comfortable and easy to wear. Saree Shapewear is a type of shapewear that women can wear to make their saree more comfortable. Basically, it helps in preventing any kind of discomfort while wearing a saree. The fabric material used is slightly stretchable and comfortable. It is usually made up of cotton or polyester and is available in different shapes, sizes, and colours.

Question 3: Can we walk comfortably wearing the saree shapewear?

Answer: Definitely, yes. You can walk very comfortably with saree shapewear. But it does restrict your movement if you try running with it. So I would suggest that you use it for those occasions when you do not need to walk a lot.

Question 4: Can we sit down with saree shapewear?

Answer: You can easily sit on a chair. But sitting on the floor might be challenging for many saree shapewear. There is shapewear available, wearing which you will be able to sit on the floor. But it is not very comfortable. Avoiding that would be better.

Question 5: Can we wear it with heavy sarees?

Answer: I would recommend wearing it with lightweight party-purpose sarees. If you wear it with a heavy saree, then the elastic might get folded. Moreover, the longevity of the elastic might reduce after repetitive use with heavy sarees.

Question 6: Does saree shapewear reduce the tummy?

Answer: Yes. It does provide a slim and toned shape to your body. But be careful that your shapewear is not too tight. Doctors never recommend that.

Question 7: Can I wear Saree Shapewear every day?

Answer: No. No type of shapewear should be used for daily use. You can wear it for a short duration, parties, wedding ceremonies, a day outing, etc. But do not use it every day.

Question 8: Can I wear Saree Shapewear at home?

Answer: If you have a party or some occasion at home, you can definitely wear it. But if you want to wear it for all-time use, then the answer is a big NO. Any type of shapewear should not be used at home. You can wear it for a short duration, parties, wedding ceremonies, a day outing, etc. But do not use it every day. At home, it is always recommended to wear loose garments.


Question 9: How do you wear shapewear under a saree?

A saree is particularly challenging when it comes to skin fitting. The draped fabric hangs down, which adds bulk to the hip area and can make a thin person look obese. A good way to wear a saree is to have shapewear under it, which is worn like a lehenga choli or an ankle-length choli.

A saree is a beautiful Indian outfit that can be worn for any occasion. But, many women find it difficult to wear a saree because of its long length and heavy fabric. Wearing a saree shapewear can help you to wear a saree easily and look great in it. It helps to hold the saree in place and gives a good shape to the body. There are different types of saree shapewear available in the market. You can choose the one that suits you the best. Wearing a saree shapewear is not difficult. You just need to follow some simple steps. First, choose the right size and type of shapewear. Then, put on the shapewear and adjust it properly. Finally, wear your saree over it.

Question 10: How do you choose a saree shapewear size?

When it comes to saree shapewear, one size does not necessarily fit all. Depending on your height, weight, and body type, you may need to size up or down to find the perfect fit.

The shapewear mustn't be too tight for you. Tight shapewear is not advised by the doctors. Wearing a tight outfit for a long time can cause many health problems. So, I would recommend selecting shapewear, which is loosely tight.

Question 11: How do you find the right saree shapewear?

When it comes to Indian wear, the saree is a timeless classic that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. But no matter what the occasion, if you want to look your best in a saree, you need to make sure you have the right shapewear to give you a smooth, flattering silhouette.

So, how do you choose the right saree shapewear for you? Here are a few tips:

  • First, take into consideration the fabric of your saree. If it's a heavier fabric, like silk or brocade, you'll need a firmer shapewear to hold everything in place. We would recommend buying branded shapewear, which has good quality fabric. This is important because shapewear is in touch with the skin more than any other garment. If the quality of the fabric is not good, then it can cause skin irritation.
  • Think about the style of saree you're wearing. If it's a wrap-around style, you'll need shapewear that doesn't have straps or sleeves that will show.
  • Consider your own personal style and comfort level. If you're not comfortable with a lot of compressions, go for a lighter shapewear. But if you want to smooth out every inch, choose a more heavy-duty option.
Lyra Saree Shapewears
Lyra Saree Shapewears from AJIO

Discover the Versatility of Saree Shapewear

If you are thinking that a saree shapewear is only meant for a saree, then you are wrong. You can wear it with Lehengas, full-length skirts, and other long dresses.

Apart from lehengas, you can wear them with many modern outfits. It provides a good shape down the hip when you wear it with a bodycon dress. 


How to Make Saree Shapewear at Home?

You can easily make a saree shapewear at home from leggings. The saree shapewear is made of a slightly stretchable fabric. The leggings are also made with the same type of fabric. So you can convert your leggings into saree shapewear with a few simple steps. Watch the following videos to understand the process.

How to make saree shapewear at home? (in Hindi)


How to make saree shapewear at home? (in Bengali)


Is Saree Shapewear the Future of Petticoat Fashion?

Yes. Definitely, saree shapewear is now the future of petticoat fashion. But petticoat cannot be replaced totally by saree shapewear. A saree shapewear is a fashionable and attractive outfit that can be worn at parties, occasions, or on a day outing. But there are a few important points to remember.

What Do You Need to Remember While Wearing Shapewear?

  • A saree shapewear is basically a shapewear. Every shapewear restricts the blood flow if you wear it for a long time. So if you have any heart disease, you are not recommended to wear it for a long duration. Even without any heart ailment, I would not suggest you wear it for a long duration or overnight.
  • Always remember to choose the shapewear that is not very tight. The size is very crucial. If it is too tight, then switch to the next size up. Otherwise, it can cause acidity if you wear it for a long duration. Because if the shapewear presses your stomach for a long time, the stomach will produce acid, which can cause heartburn.
  • Wearing shapewear for a longer duration or overnight on a regular basis can cause harm to your pelvic floor muscles.

Conclusion: Saree Shapewear vs Petticoat

In conclusion, saree shapewear is certainly an innovative and exciting concept that could revolutionize petticoat fashion. Its versatility, convenience, and comfort make it a unique and attractive option for anyone looking to add a modern spin to their wardrobe. If you’re ready to take your style to the next level, try out some saree shapewear for yourself and experience the difference it can make. Who knows? You might just be the trendsetter that brings saree shapewear to the forefront of fashion. Having said that, the petticoat cannot be replaced completely by saree shapewear. The saree shapewear can be worn for special occasion purposes. But it is neither for everyday use nor for all occasions to use.

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